Hulls Angels Wargaming and Roleplaying Club

Hull's foremost wargaming club

Welcome to Hulls Angels

Hulls Angels is one of the largest wargaming clubs in the north east with more than 200 members. Open three nights a week and on weekends Hulls Angels' permanent gaming space boasts more than 20 gaming tables as well as soft seating for role playing, tables for hobby activities, board games, card based games and a painting bar.

6 sided dice

Friendly space to game

Whether you are a veteran gamer, or are just starting out in the hobby Hulls Angels can offer you a friendly space where you will regularly find opponents for the most common local systems including Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, the fast growing Kings of War, X-Wing and Bolt Action games and specialist game enthusiasts playing everything from Dread Ball to Necromunda.

In the large gaming hall you can battle over fantastic terrain, from the urban sprawl of the 41st millennium to the fields of northern Europe and the endless ocean of the Pacific. With 6x4 boards, 4x4 boards and several boards that can combine for larger battles. The on-site tuck-shop provides plenty of snacks, tea and coffee making facilities and a microwave.

8th Edition Tale of Many Gamers

With 8th Edition of Wahammer 40K exciting players new and old the tale of many gamers has returned for 2017 Starting on the 4th of July you have until Tuesday the 1st August to paint 500 pts of your chosen army to start, 1 HQ and two troops minimum, but the competition runs through until the end of October. The full rules can be found at here. If you are taking part you can check your score and your opponent's in this document.

Raising money for Dove House Hospice

We're hosting a charity tournament on the 25th March to support Dove House Hospice and a friend of a member suffering from terminal cancer. You can read about him in the Hull Daily Mail.

For more details, please vist the Hulls Angels Events Page. For those who can't make it but wish to donate, may do so by following this link.

Christmas Opening 2016

Merry Christmas everybody! Hulls Angels will be closed over the Christmas period, with the last normal night on the 20th of December. We'll be opening again on the 3rd of January, so you can bring down all your shiny new minis and show off what you have been up to over the holidays.

Just one week to the 2016 charity tournament!

Only one week left before the Hull's Angels Annual Charity Tournament, this year in aid of National Society of Crohns and Colitus. Almost all of the places for 40k have gone, but there are still spaces for Warmachine/Hordes, X-Wing, Magic The Gathering and RPG games. Places are going fast, so make sure you get in touch with the organisers and book your place via the Facebook Events Page or by dropping into the club.

A big thanks to Stronghold Games massive donation of £300 of prizes, their new store on Hessle road is well worth a visit and runs regular events for multiple systems.

With the most systems, most places and largest prize pool and raffle this is the largest charity tournament in the history of Hulls' Angels, so don't miss out. Dust off your armies and get ready for September the 17th.

Knight Jousting

What do you do when you have a large collection of Imperial Knights and Titans? Why, tis tourny season! This Thursday (8th of August) at Hulls Angels Wargaming Club there will be a mighty crash of battle cannon and chain blade as more than 12 Imperial Knights clash over an apocalyptic size gaming table, using simple house rules and random activation. So what are you waiting for? Join in the fun and best of all, if you don't have a knight there is likely to be a few to borrow, so there is no reason no to get down to Hulls Angels this Thursday!

Charity Tournament 2016

It is still a while off, but the 2016 Charity Tournament is now in the calender for Saturday the 17th of September. Check the events page for more information and updates as we get closer to the high point of the Hulls Angel's competitive calendar!

Notice: Access to Hull's Angels

Due to work in the building the access from Grimston Street is currently closed. You can get to the cub through our new entrance on Charlotte Street Mews.

Plans for 2016

At the Hull's Angels' AGM the committee shared their plans for 2016. The highlights were an increase in the number and types of events, including a plan to run one day campaigns for some systems and the release of branded swag for the club!

There were also some general housekeeping issues addressed and an update around some of the social media changes, with some of the older pages being shut down where possible.

If you are interested in more details you can speak to a committee member, or check the AGM minutes which should be published soon.

AGM Monday 29th February

The club's AGM will be held on the 29th of February 2016 and is open to all members.

Lots of events in 2016

The committee has started 2016 off with a bang with tournaments for X-Wing and Frostgrave and more events are planned with a Warhammer 30K tournament and Bolt Action event in February and more events in the works.

Dates for both the Warhammer 30K tournament and Bolt Action events can be found on the events calender page and specific event details will be going up on the site soon.

Christmas opening

The committee is having a well-earned Christmas break, meaning that the last gaming night of the year will be the 17th of December with the club looking to reopen on the 4th of January.

We have now moved!

You can still find the club in the same place, just look out for the new signs inside!

Come down and see the huge amount of work the committee have put into the clubs' new home, growing from 12 tables to a staggering 20 gaming tables and all the other facilities you have come to expect from a great gaming venue.

The new sign for the Hulls Angels' Wargaming Club. An armoured fist and lightning above the words 'enterance to game room'


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