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Annual events at Hulls Angels include an annual one day charity tournament, which has raised money for Help for Heroes, McMillan as well as other charities.

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Isstvan: Horus Heresy Campaign Weekend

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Raising money for Dove House Hospice

On the 25th March to support Dove House Hospice Hulls Angels will be holding a Charity Tournament

Ticket price is £10, 40k doubles (32 places), Warmachine/hordes (16 places), X-wing (16 places), Dnd 5.0 (6 places), Dnd 3.5 (6 places), Boardgame. (6 places)

The doubles tournament will be a twisted doubles event.
Each player picks an 800pt force. You may use max one detachment, no superheavies. All other army composition rules will be the same as the ITC. We will also use the ITC FAQ. Both army composition and FAQ can be found here
Each round you will be paired with a new player to form a team and will fight another team. Each individual player keeps there own scores.
All alliances will be considered to be allies of convenience even if they would normally be better.
Missions to be announced on the day but will be some form of modified maelstrom.

All 40k entrants please email their lists for checking to: AT LEAST 48hrs before the event begins.

Registration will be 9-9:30 and there will be half an hour for lunch between rounds one and two.

Hulls Angels Charity Tournament 2016

This annual event is the height of the Hulls Angels competitive calendar; a one day event for multiple systems which attracts players from around the area and beyond, with fierce competition in all categories, painting awards and a charity raffle and auction. This year's tournament will be on the 17th of September, so talk to a member of the committee or check the Hull's Angels events page on Facebook to register your interest.