Hulls Angels Wargaming and Roleplaying Club

Hull's foremost wargaming club

FAQ Section

How old do I have to be?
You have to be 11 years old or older to attend the club.
Do I have to be a member?
No, anyone is welcome at Hulls Angels and your first visit is free!
How much is it?
£3.00 per session or £15.00 a month
£1.50 concession or £10.00 a month
When do you open?
Please see opening times.
Can I eat at the club?
Yes you can eat at the club, although hot food is only allowed in designated areas.
Can I bring my own food and drink?
The club has a tuck shop, but you are welcome to bring your own food and dink. Please be aware there is a strict no alcohol policy.
Will the club provide me with miniatures?
Beginners are welcome to borrow miniatures during intro games, but the club does not loan miniatures and collecting your own is all part of the hobby.
Can I paint at the club?
Painting is encouraged at Hulls Angels. Come and swap idea and tips or learn from our award winning members while enjoying a cup of tea and a chat at the hobby bar.
Can I bring modelling tools to the club?
You can bring anything within reason, but no knives.
I forgot my dice or tape measure, what can I do?
It is all too easy to forget the little things when running out the door for an entertaining night of wargaming, but fear not, while you may be branded a 'hobby hobo' there is a handful of extra emergency bits for the poorly organised or plain unlucky.
What events do you run?
Please see the events page for more information on upcoming events.
Is Hull's Angels Wargaming Club related to Hull's Angels Roller Dames (HARD)?
No, but we share the same pun in the name. You can visit (HARD) at www.hullsangels.co.uk
How do I tell who is on the committee?
Anyone in a purple T-shirt or hoodie with the Hull’s Angels logo is a member of the committee.
What happened to the old site?
Sadly it is no longer updated. If you are looking for Hulls Angels old site you can still find the content on Blogger: hulls-angels.blogspot.co.uk
What happened to the forum?
Facebook has replaced the forum as a more dynamic means of communication, with moderated posts and a group for arranging games.
Who owns Hulls Angels?
Hulls Angels is a not for profit organisation started by Ross Pemble and run by a committee of club members.
Are you a member of the GCN
Yes Hulls Angels is a member of the GCN and you can check their listing here.