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Wargame Systems played at Hull's Angels Wargaming Club

Hulls Angels is a diverse group and the members play a wide variety of games and game systems. Here you can find out what is commonly played at Hulls Angels and a little about each system

Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer 40,000 is one of the most common game systems around and many members have one or two forces. It is often considered an entry level system, but is played at a range of levels and abilities at the club, from beginner to seasoned tournament players. Set in the grim dark future of the 41st millennium, 40K pitches mankind against a host of aliens from the enigmatic Eldar and brutal Orks to the all consuming Tryanids.

There is a good range of 40K themed terrain at Hulls Angels and several dedicated tables. Thursday night is the most common night to find 40k players in the club and occasionally at the weekend. There are regular events for this system.

Bolt Action

Take to the field in this WWII themed tabletop game, which is taking Hulls Angels by storm. Command units of infantry, armour and artillery in skirmish games or armoured conflicts while enjoying the excellent terrain at the club, reminiscent of the landscape of northern France.

Bolt Action by Warlord Games is one of the fastest growing games at Hulls Angels and many members now have a few units of Allied or Axis forces. Easy to get into and with a low starting price point this popular game is played most nights at the club.

Due to its popularity the committee has recently expanded the terrain available for Bolt Action to include some impressive bridge kits and a North African themed board.

World War Two tank minitures in play


The front of the Cygnar Warmachine box

Do you like the idea of smashing your foe apart with steam powered constructs, or herding vicious beasts into battle? If so then the world of the Iron Kingdoms is for you. Warmachine by Privateer press puts you in charge of a war band of steam driven Warjacks and infantry support, while Hordes sees you exert your will over hulking beasts to drive the enemy back. Both systems play against each other as well as within themselves with many warring factions.

This is a highly competitive game, with a steep learning curve and is played to a high standard at the club, with club members regularly competing at a national level. Beginners are welcome and the veteran players are more than happy to share their experience. A starting journeyman league also recently ran, giving a large number of new players chance to work their way into the game.

Warmachine and Hordes players meet on a Monday night and dedicated terrain is supplied by Solid Ground Studios who supplied the terrain for the SmogCon 2016 convention. The terrain is designed with competitive play in mind and is tested with some of the largest Warmachine miniatures around. Find Dave Forster - official Press Ganger - at club for more details.

Guild Ball

The exciting new game from Steamforged Games, sees players fight it out in a game of football! Whether you prefer the meaty flavour the Butchers guild beating their opponents in to the mud, the slippery speed of the Fishermans' guild goal scoring, or perhaps the creepy and manipulative Morticians guild, there is sure to be a team for you.

Guild ball in a great game, quick to get in to and difficult to master. The community for this game is growing fast, in Hull and elsewhere. Ben Robinson and Luke Foster are the Hulls Angels' Pundits, speak to them in club to find out more.

Age Of Sigmar

The descendent of one of Games Workshop's oldest games Age of Sigmar takes the high fantasy setting of the Warhammer world into new realms offering more flexible ways to play, new miniatures and a whole new rule set. Fight for peace across the eight mortal realms for the forces of order or wreak havoc as the agents of chaos in this tabletop fantasy game.

Dice next to a large shaker


Rumbleslam is a fantasy wrestling game where throwing the opponents out of the ring is the aim of the game. Strap on that spandex, pump up your entrance music and go toe to toe, grappling, leaping, clothes lining, showboating and slamming your opponent into the mat if ya smell what the Rock is cooking!


Set in the Games Workshop fantasy fiction, Mordheim allows you to command a band of cutthroats and adventurers drawn from all over the Warhammer world, all trying to control Wyrdstone scattered throughout the city of Mordheim.

A game that favours a strong narrative, campaigns are ran about once a year and prove popular despite the system now being out of production. Fan support continues to flesh out the world and many resources can be found online for free.

Shadow War Armageddon

Revisit one of the most deadly theatres of war in the 40th millennium, Armageddon, taking control of elite units and leading them deep inside the behemoth hive cities. Play deadly games of cat and mouse with the forces of the enemy as you fight to win the war for Armageddon on a whole new front. This hugely popular release has been described as Necromunda for 8th edition brings back the small force multi level play that made Necromunda such a success while presenting rules that can be played with existing Warhammer 40,000 factions.


Set in Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe Necromunda gives the you opportunity to play through the fortunes and misfortunes of a gang dwelling in the lowest reaches of the Hive city Primus.

A skirmish game with a low miniature count and a strong narrative, campaigns for this are run annually. Hulls Angels has some terrain in house and terrain is often supplied by members who are also big fans of this system.

Necromunda is sadly out of production, however, there are many models that work well in the same 28m scale and fan support continues online. Resources can be readily found online and are free.

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