Hull - City Of The Damned 2019

14/09/2019 08:00 To 15/09/2019 18:00

Hosting a tournament for the 20th anniversary of MORDHEIM!

A 2 day mordheim tournament on the 14th and 15th of September, tickets only and lunch on both days will be provided.

Tickets are £40 per person.

Open doors at 8am Saturday the 14th until 18:00, all are then welcome to join us going for a meal after and then sample the nightlife.

Sunday start for 9am and hope to finish again for 18:00.

We aim to provide at least 8 highly detailed Mordheim tables so numbers of tickets may increase closer to the date.

As there is a limited amount I have to ask for a full ticket price upfront to secure a place. tickets are only refundable if the event is cancelled or another player wishes to take your spot.

If you have any dietary requirements or disability's please let me know in good time.

Close to the venue we have full day parking for £2.50, we are located near the centre of hull, and the train station is within walking distance. There are many hotels offering cheap rooms, I recommend the ibis hotel if any wish to stay nearby.

We will be using the core rules, the 2002 annual and errata, with some house rules to make the game more cinematic, fairer and fun. A list of warbands and hired swords welcome at the event is also provided.

So far we have 16 places to offer.

Players must provide a fully painted warband and any extra warriors or hired swords they wish to use over the 2 days. models can be mounted on any size or shape bases (common sense prevails) 

Conversions and counts as can be used but again common sense here.

Rules pack and pdf's here