About Us

Hull’s Angels is one of the largest independent wargaming clubs in the north east with more than 200 members.
Open two nights a week and most weekends for events, our permanent gaming space now boasts over 18 gaming tables as well as dedicated rooms for role playing groups and board games.

Our Mission

Founded in 2007, the club provides a safe, welcoming community for local tabletop gamers, board gamers and role players to paint, play and chat together.

The club is ran by the community, for the community. The day to day operations are coordinated by a volunteer committee that is voted for at the annual AGM.

Every penny the club makes, from entry fees to profits from events, goes back into the club, helping improve the facilities, pay the rent and keep the lights on.

Our goal is the make the gaming community in Hull and East Yorkshire the best it can be, and offer a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to enjoy with great facilities.

If you want to be a part of that journey, why not become a member?

Club History

The club was initially set up by Ross Pemble as an after school club at Winifred Holtby School in Hull. The club then moved to a new venue in the Hull YPI Building on Grimston Street in 2011. Moving to another location within the same Building in 2015.

In 2019, the club became Hull’s Angels Wargaming Ltd. This allowed the club to have a bank account and to have a lease in the company name – a huge step!

In April 2021 the club was told that it had 6 months to leave the venue as the room was being turned into flats. The committee worked hard on finding a new venue that was perfect for the club, the space above Boyes on Whitefriargate.

The community have really come together to make sure the building is perfect for us and will serve us well for the next decade.