Venue Hire

If you want to run your own event you can hire the club space for your own use. Simply fill in the form at bottom of this page with your preferences and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

What We Offer

We can cater to whatever type of gaming event you want to run!

Available Space

The room has eighteen 6×4 foot tables available, which can be adjusted as required. We also have 4×4 boards available on request for smaller games.

You can book the entire room or just part of it. If booking just part of the space, the club would be available for Open Gaming for other players to use.

We also have 2 additional RPG Rooms available that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Terrain and Mats

We have a wide selection of 6×4 mats available for use on our eighteen 6×4 boards, and a huge variety of scenery to cover a majority of gaming systems. We also have 18 sets of Glasshammer scenery for Warhammer 40,000.

Marketing Support

We can also help promote your event, and even sell tickets for you through this site!

Listed on our Event Calendar

Your event would appear on our site and can link to your own website or Facebook event page.

Ticket Sales

We can sell tickets for your event through our site. We don’t take a cut from these sales but there is a small processing fee per ticket. The benefits of selling the tickets through our site is a simple stock system, the ability to update all attendees via email, and attendees have a simplified and trusted process of purchasing tickets.

Newsletter and Club Posters

We can also help advertise your event via our newsletter and in the club on our monthly event posters.

Get In Touch

    What do you need for your event?

    How much space do you require?

    Private event or club open alongside for Open Gaming?

    What Marketing support do you require?