HABBL is Hull’s Angels Blood Bowl League. We run 2 standard leagues a year alongside our weekend Blood Bowl events.

The Winter/Spring league runs from January to May, and then the Summer?Autumn League runs from July to November. In between each we host training practice sessions and in May we host The HABBL Cup event.

There are some great prizes up for grabs at our leagues and events, so make sure to sign up!

HABBL League Season Two – Summer/Autumn 2024

Tickets to sign up for Season Two, starting in July, are available now!

Season One
League Final Results

The Playoffs – Round One!

HABBL Extra Time Rules for Playoff games:

If after the second half, the score is tied between both teams, an extra time period of 8 turns, or until one team scores a touchdown, is played.

Once the End of Drive sequence is resolved, extra time begins by determining which team will kick and which will receive, as described on page 38 of the Blood Bowl Rulebook. 

Team re-rolls are not replenished a the the start of extra time. However, any team re-rolls that were not used during the second half are carried over into extra time. Additional rules and inducements that give re-rolls (such as Leader and Master Chef) are not used. 

If neither team has has scored during extra time, or by 21:45 (whichever comes first) the players engage in “Sudden Death” and the game is decided in a penalty roll-off.

To resolve sudden death, both coaches roll-off five times, each rolling a D6 and re-rolling ties. The coach who wins the most roll-offs wins the game.

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